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Eric Mangen

Born:  1983

Nation: Luxembourg

Art movement : Abstract painting & collage

ERIC MANGEN are only available in our German galleries !!


Eric Mangen, born 1983, is an abstract artist. He lives and works in Luxembourg. His artistic approach is based on the creation of backgrounds on which, like collages, he perpetually constructs and deconstructs, indulging himself to the synchronicities of “errors”. He principally works in large formats, as this space enables him to express himself with free movements.

These movements are energetic and express a strength, a feeling that emerges from his inner. One could compare the conception of his works to a dance, that between pure intuition into his movements and logical construct, rhythms the composition of the painting.

Eric Mangen works with diverse types of paint material and regularly experiments with surfaces, such as for example metal, wood, photographic transfer and fabric.

His regular travels and art residency projects, such as, for example, in Australia and the USA, as well as his regular international collaboration with contemporary artists, contribute to his artistic inspirations and evolution.