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Splash – Fetish

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Artist: 2Fast
Description: Sculpture in steel & resin, hand finished
Size : H 32 x L 24 x P 18 cm
Year : 2020
Authenticity : Signed by hand


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2Fast was born 1974 in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. He belongs to the small group of graffiti-art population who did not channel its youthful frustrations and potential into quick and frivolous vandalisation of the public property, but rather finished the School of Applied Art and Design and started working as a designer at the age of 18. In that sense, he ended up on the ‘other side of the fence’ and adopted the way of thinking of academically educated artists, such as Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat, known for finding inspiration in the raw creative energy of graffiti-art amateurs and adopting the aesthetic forms and stylistic elements of the genre’.

After years of working within the space of two-dimensional graffiti art, he decided it was time for new challenge. But the question remained where would that challenge lead him?

2Fast‘s journey now takes us away from the the world of two-dimensional art and into areas that focus more on object and volume. Within these areas, he seeks to develop different types of sculptures, by separating them from the walls and giving them new forms.

In his work, he leads us to follow the development of street art within the mainstream, as well as its progression towards a more three dimensional format. This work invoked his personal evolution within the media. Here, the artist began to focus on continuous research into the area, which included the underlying personal and social motives within this new environment.”

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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 18 cm