Malab’art Homer Simpson


Artist: Rakel Wajnberg
Description: Sculpture made from an original spray can, hand painted
Size : H 66 x L 41 x P 15 cm
Year : 2020

Authenticity :  Signed by hand on the side


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Rakel Wajnberg is like her art. Beautiful and rebellious, rock n’ roll and glamourous, she plays with humour and self-mockery as much as she does with sensuality and modernity. Recognized by her peers today for many pieces that have become emblematic in the coveted microcosm of Contemporary Art, the French artist is constantly reinventing herself. It all started at the dawn of her childhood, in the 1970s, Rakel was born and grew up in Paris.

Rakel’s artistic fibre was quick to appear, particularly once she started her designer/patternmaker studies at Esmod, the prestigious Parisian school. The fiery tempered brunette finds refuge in her painting, splitting her time she found herself to be particularly inspired by Pop-Art.

Rakel decided to immortalize these figures in her own way, with grace and refinement but still keeping her optimistic and youthful touch. Her goal? To create emotion, desire and nostalgia in those who know how to capture it. “My Rebel’Art” is a way of combining Pop Art and Street Art, that can be seen in the Cheyenne Indians, the dripping chewing gum bubbles and the tattoos.”

In the last year and a half, Rakel has expanded her artistic aura and added another string to her bow by creating the Malab’Art sculptures, inspired from the French bubble-gum brand, which could only have been the next logical step forward in this group of themed artwork. Celebrity beauty icons, like Karl Lagerfield, Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen, Coco Chanel, Picasso and Marilyn, Basquiat and Kate Moss are at the centre of each sculpture, and demonstrate the taste of Malab’Art.

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Dimensions 66 × 41 × 15 cm